Many Tasks, One System

Major Features of the RiskChanges SDSS are:


Analyze the risk for multiple natural and man made hazards and their interactions

Multiple Assets

Analyze the risk for multiple asset types with varying spatial characteristics

Vulnerability Database

Access a database of physical vulnerability curves and share your own ones

Multi User

Different users provide input data to the same project 

Compare Risk

Compare current risk with future scenarios and planning alternatives

Spatial Analysis

Spatially analyze risk using a web-based map interface

Try RiskChanges

This small application, for a hypothetical study area, allows you to view the results of loss estimations for three types of hazards (floods, debris flows and landslides), four frequencies (20 to 200 years Return Period), and for different scenarios (related to climate change and land use change) and risk reduction alternatives. Make your own selection and see how the risk pattern changes.

Contact Us

The RiskChanges system is still under development, and it is likely that you may encounter problems when using it. We appreciate your comments, suggestions, or reporting of bugs. Join us for further discussion in the software tool Discord. You can also connect with us via social media or just by sending an email.